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         Quest International, Inc. has been helping
         Entrepreneurs and Inventors realize their
           dreams for over 38 years by providing
         quality and affordable business services.

           Provisional Patents for $250
             Including Patent Search
                   and Consultation

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     The Best Plans Do Nothing Until You Act On Them

Quest International, Inc. was created to assist entrepreneurs and inventors by offering an alternative to marketing agencies, expensive patent attorneys and product marketing groups as seen on TV. After developing and licensing my own products, I realized that inventors needed resources to help themselves, so I created Quest International, Inc.

Quest International, Inc. was formed over 30 years ago to offer intellectual property consultation and marketing services to entrepreneurs and inventors. The sole purpose for Quest International, Inc. was to help entrepreneurs and inventors start new businesses and protect their ideas.

Quest International, Inc. has worked with thousands of inventors get their products protected and marketed. Quest International, Inc has worked with the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, International and domestic companies, Engineering firms, and has a wide range of experience.

Quest International, Inc. has been involved in Intellectual Property Protection, Marketing, Product Design, Website Design and Hosting, Compant and Product Branding, Business Plans, Government Grants, Creative and Technical Writing, Business Start-Ups, Human Resources, and so much more. 

With hands on experience working with individual inventors as well as large governmental agencies, Quest International, Inc. offers personal attention and expertise on development, planning, intellectual property protection, marketing, and more.  This wide scope of experience allows me to bring a great deal of experience to my clients. 

Quest International, Inc. offers you the resources, tools and experience you need to succeed in taking your ideas to market. 

     Additional Business services offered include :

Patent Searches,Trademarks and Copyright Applications

Product Design and Branding, Packaging Design,
Graphic Design Services, Logos, & Business Cards

Writing Service including Business Plans, Web Content, Technical Writing, Grant Applications, & Manuals

Video Production, YouTube Marketing, Web Site Design & Hosting

         You Can't Be Successful If You Don't Start

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights are all considered Intellectual Property and they give creative individuals exclusive rights to use, sell and profit from their ideas. These exclusive rights are meant to prevent others from copying, building, or profiting from your protected ideas or technology.

Many products are sold and/or licensed before the patent is ever granted. In order to gain patent pending status, you must apply for a Provisional, Utility, Process, or Design Patent. A Provisional application is the most inexpensive and allows the inventor one year before converting the application into a Utility Patent application.

Patent applications are handled as a technical writing project and are provided so that you may file your own application, allowing you to save thousands of dollars.

I do not provide legal advice or representation. I can however assist you in filling out the patent forms and showing you how to file your own application. All applications include Patent Search, Written Specifications, Drawings, Forms, Assistance, and Instructions for filing your own application

Call or e-mail for current fees Patent office fees:

Provisional Patent Applications  $249.00
Design Patent Applications  $495.00
State Trademark Applications  $159.00 Plus State Fees
Copyright Applications $119.00 Plus Federal Fees

The latest U.S. Patent office fees can be found at

                       How to be a success:

1. Success requires focus and resources to succeed. Stay focused and aquire the resources needed. Make a plan and adapt as needed, but always keep your eye on the goal.

2. It's easy to get distracted and lose site of your goals, so find the motivation and inspiration you need. Define your goal and know the steps that will get you there.

3. We sometimes need help to stay on target and succeed. Find the tools to keep you on target. What inspires you, who can you turn to for help. Find the resources you need.

4. Create daily prompts and reminders to help you achieve success. Feel like a success and learn to believe that you have earned success.

5. Use your resources and tools, and make a plan for success.

                            The Success Program

Quest International, Inc. offers Success Programs customized to assist you in understanding and overcoming specific weaknesses and to understand and use your strengths. This allows you to focus on a specific plan of action to achieve your desired success. Success Programs are designed to offer you all the required resources you need to succeed and a step by step guide to hit specific targets.

Consideration is given to overcoming any mental attitudes as well as the more obvious business obstacles. Believing that you can be a success is as important as doing the work to become a success. Success Programs offer a complete assessment wherein a plan is created with you in mind and designed for you to see specific goals completed. Believing you will succeed is an important step in your overall success.

                      My Success Tools Include:

Success Planning and Goal Achievement Programs

Personal and Virtual Coaching

Business and Marketing Plans

Business Support Programs

Website Design, Marketing, and Hosting

Business Start-Up Programs

Video and Commercial Production

Intellectual Property Protection

Graphic Design, Printing, Packaging Design

Marketing Programs

Product Licensing Agreements

  A message for the president of Quest International, Inc.

As the founder and president of Quest International, Inc. I believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I started Quest International, Inc. to assist creative entrepreneurs and inventors and because I have taken products to the market myself, I believe that I understand the needs and challenge creative business people face. I not only offer my own skills to our clients, but also the lessons of the many clients that I've helped throughout the years.

I also have extensive experience in engineering and industrial design and have worked with many large oil and manufacturing firms. I've also gained experience in the staffing industry and I have placed several thousand people in career positions by helping them market themselves better.

I have written and received patents, trademarks, and copyrights. I've written ten books, and received grants from the Department of Energy and Department of Defense. I'm happy to have accomplished so much, but I still have so much more to do. Most importantly, I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

I have patented and internationally licensed my own products, created a business as an intellectual property consultant, and responsible for hundreds of patents issued to my clients. I've produced seminars on product development, designed fire protection products for the Department of Defense and created educational material for the Department of Energy. I also design and hosts websites. Create product and company branding programs and work with creative individuals and businesses to gain success.

I believe that you have to learn, so you can teach, and you have to become successful, so you can help others. It's also important to me to be adventurous and travel whenever I can. I've traveled to Rome, London, Paris, and Belfast. I've been from coast to coast in the United States. I've also flown planes, raced cars, and been in a movie, and on television and the radio many times over. Life is an adventure. Don't let it pass you by.
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